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Stronger together

Mon, 10/18/2021 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

The student-athletes, parents, educators and community members in both Boothbay and Wiscasset have been awe-inspiring!

Allan Crocker, Tricia Campbell, Charles Lomonte, both school boards and superintendents, Coach Nick Scott, Coach Josiah Winchenbach, Coach Chris Cossette, Coach Chelsea Taylor, Coach Phil DiVece, Al Gray, Coach Meagan Cope, transportation’s John Merry, Kyle Canada, Laurie Berry, Poola, Tony Goulet, Alton Wyman, Duane Goud and Thomas Tetu – all of these people, plus many, many more parents, are the reason the people in Boothbay/Wiscasset are able to work together so effectively! I just hope that both communities realize what truly wonderful student-athletes, parents and education systems we have together!

Thank you all!

We are all stronger together!

Warren Cossette

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director