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Bus Routes

To contact the bus garage:
Address: 263 Gardiner Rd, Wiscasset, ME 04578
Phone:(207) 882-7612

2016-17 Bus Runs

Bus #7 Paula FoyeTimes A.MTimes P.M
Depart Bus Garage7:00Hooper Street2:37
Birch Point Road7:05Churchill Street2:40
Ready Point Road7:08Birch Point Road2:45
Ferry Road Rt. 1447:10Ready Point Road2:55
Chewonki Road7:20Rt. 144 to Chewonki2:58
Shady Lane7:25Chewonki3:00
Rt. 144 West to Rt. 17:27Shady Lane3:02
Oxhorn Road7:29Rt. 144 West to Rt. 13:05
Flood Avenue7:30Oxhorn Road3:08
Churchill Street7:32Route 1 North 3:10
Middle/High School7:35
Elementary School7:41
Bus #11 Edward BleileTimes A.MTimes P.M
Depart Bus Garage7:03Rumerill Road to Bradford Road2:43
Rt. 1 South7:05Bradford Road to Rt.12:45
Page Avenue7:06 Rt. 1 South 2:48
Ward Brook Road7:09Page Avenue2:50
Old Bath Road 7:14Ward Brook Road2:53
Pinewood Drive7:19Rt. 1 South to Old Bath Road2:57
Old Bath Road7:22Old Bath Road to Pinewood Drive3:00
Acorn Road7:24Acorn Road3:03
Old Bath Road7:28Old Bath Road3:05
Bradford Road to Rumerill7:34
Middle/High School7:42
Elementary School7:48
Bus #9 Lori CronkTimes A.MTimes A.MTimes P.MTimes P.M
Depart Bus Garage7:15Rt. 218 North to Sheepscot Bay Apt's2:40
Fowles Hill/Shea Road7:16Rt. 218 to Clark's Point Road2:41
Brown Road7:22Old Sheepscot Road2:43
Old Sheepscot Road7:28Brown Road2:45
South to Sheepscot Bay Apt.'s7:31Blagdon Ridge Road2:50
Middle/High School7:38Rt. 218 South on to Fowles Hill Road2:55
Elementary School7:45Fowles Hill/Shea Road2:58
Bus #34 Laurie BerryTimes A.MTimes P.MTimes P.M
Depart Bus Garage7:10Gardiner Road to Hilltop2:45
Gardiner Road to Hilltop7:15Gardiner Road to Dorr Road2:50
Dorr Road7:20Whipporwill Trailer Park K-6 only2:55
Whipporwill Trailer Park K-6 only7:25Maplewood Trailer Park K-6 only3:00
Maplewood Trailer Park K-6 only7:30Gibbs Road3:03
Gibbs Road7:33Foye Road3:10
Foye Road7:40
Middle High School7:45
Elementary School7:50
Bus #5 Cathy ShermanTimes A.MTimes P.M
Depart Bus Garage7:03
Lowelltown From Rumerill Road7:08Lowelltown From Rumerill Road2:42
Lowelltown to Old Dresden Road7:22Old Dresden Road2:58
Lowelltown to Indian Road7:36Lowelltown To Indian Road3:04
Willow Lane7:41Indian Road3:12
Middle/High School7:46Willow Lane3:17
Elementary School7:50
Bus #38 Pam Harding-WestportTimes A.M
and Wiscasset
Depart Bus Garage6:30
East Shore Road7:02
Main Road South to West Shore7:03
Main Road North7:04
Greenleaf Road7:15
North End Road7:20
Lord Road7:25
Hodge Street7:32
Middle/High School7:37
Elementary School7:40
Bus # 35 Tom DoucetteTimes A.MTimes P.M
RSU North-Wiscasset Trailer Parks
Depart Bus Garage6:15Maplewood Trailer Park 7-12 Only2:30
Hill Crest Rt. 2266:45Whippowill Trailer Park 7-12 Only2:31
Togus Road Rt. 2266:50
Repair Shop @ Rt.17/32 Windsor6:56
Pine Ridge Village Rt. 176:57
Vigue Road Rt. 176:58
Howe Road Rt. 177:00
Peaslee's Store7:02
North Whitefield Store7:08
Whitefield School7:10
Blue Goose Ln Townhouse Road7:15
Church Rt. 1947:20
Whippowill Trailer Park 7-12 Only7:32
Maplewood Trailer Park 7-12 Only7:34
Middle/High School7:40
Bus #36 Linda Delano - Alna and Times A.M
West Alna Road Wiscasset
Depart Garage6:35
West Alna Road in Alna6:45
First Stop @ Hull's
Lothrop Road6:50
Crooker Pit6:55
Rt. 194 Hill7:00
Egypt Road7:05
Alna Store7:10
Alna Fire Department7:15
Cross Road7:23
Hurricane Hill/W.Alna Rd Wisc.7:30